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On-Line Texts and Links

The purpose of this links section is to organize the most useful information for researchers and students in philosophy.

Up until now, the library contains links for 1196 electronic texts of 341 different authors.
The top ten authors in number of available texts are:

Gilbert Harman with 19 texts.
John Perry with 18 texts.
Aristotle with 16 texts.
Jonathan Kvanvig with 16 texts.
Ruth Millikan with 15 texts.
John Pollock with 14 texts.
Descartes with 14 texts.
Daniel Dennett with 14 texts.
Paul Thagard with 14 texts.
Jerry Fodor with 13 texts.

This section also contains links for 7 online journals and a database of 145 websites related to philosophy. We are always trying to enlarge our library and we count on our readers to help us in this task. For your convenience you can suggest links using the Suggest Links button located at the left side of this page. Many reference links to original articles and scientific papers provided throughout this website will undoubtedly break eventually, resulting in error messages for readers when clicked. Please help keep this website fresh by sending suggestions and reports on broken links to our e-mail.

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